題    目: Translated Political Speeches and Speaker Representation

    主 講 人: Prof. Christina SCHÄFFNER(英國Aston大學)

        間: 20121127日(周二)1430

        點: 北校區圖書館負一層報告廳

    主辦單位: 人事處

    承辦單位: 高級翻譯學院



    Prof. Christina SCHÄFFNER, Aston University,PhD in Philology (Leipzig University, Germany),MA in Foreign Language Teaching for Adults, English and Russian (Leipzig University). 1982 - 1992, the head of a research team at the Saxon Academy of Arts and Sciences. Since 1992, she has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Aston University. She was the chair of the organizing committee of the 6th International Critical Link conference, held at Aston University from 26-30 July 2010. And she was CETRA chair professor in 2011.



      Speeches by politicians, interviews conducted with politicians, and press conferences are typical discursive events in the domain of politics. In an increasingly globalized world, politics is increasingly international in nature. Communicating across national borders involves communicating across languages, which also means that translation and interpreting, very frequently, play a significant role in political settings. Moreover, institutional types of discourse in the domain of politics, such as speeches and press conferences, are closely linked to media types of discourse, such as news reports and comments. Media texts draw upon, reorganize, and transform different discourses in constructing the political events, and such transformations have an effect on the construction of politics and politicians.





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